Alice DeCicco-Carey

“Imagining my four years in high school without the concert band in my life is near impossible, if not completely. Whether it’s the concerts, the amazing opportunities given, or the small and simple moments in class, band has easily shaped my high school experience. I tend to compare the people in the band to a sports team: we have each other’s backs and are able to share unforgettable moments together. … Working towards a concert and getting to share our music with everyone is a wonderful experience, and it shows. When the option arises and we are able to expand our musical experiences by traveling outside the school, it’s a huge game changer. I’m able to safely say that the trips we have taken have allowed me to truly feel what music is all about. Simply being in the band has also made me more outgoing and has opened the door to new and exciting friendships that have added quality to my high school experience.”

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